Pediatric Psychology Services

Pediatric Psychology Intake Interviews

These sessions are for children and adolescents who have been referred by their primary care physician for varying concerns and the sessions are designed to discuss main concerns and determine the best course of action. Next steps may include:

  • Autism Screening Clinic
  • General Screening Clinic
  • Referral to outside agencies for further support
  • A full evaluation

Integrated Behavioral Health Service

Our Behavioral Health consultants will work directly with our residents and physicians in the Pediatrics Outpatient clinic providing behavioral health consultation, evaluation, brief intervention, and referral.

Pediatric Psychology Diagnostic Interviews

We conduct diagnostic interviews after a child or adolescent and their caregivers have participated in an intake interview. The interviews are designed to obtain more in-depth information to assess the need for additional psychological evaluation.

Autism Evaluations

Autism evaluations for patients are performed by a team of psychologist and developmental-behavioral pediatrician.

Psychological Evaluations

We perform full psychological evaluations for our patients with multiple concerns. These evaluations encompass the following: 

  • Cognitive testing
  • Achievement testing
  • Language Testing
  • Affective Screening
  • ADHD screening
  • Adaptive screening
  • Neurological screening

General Pediatric Psychology Screening Clinic

Children and adolescents in our General Pediatric Psychology Screening Clinic have limited, or more specific, concerns and require minimal testing (i.e., ADHD). During the appointment, Dr. Roger Apple will review the parents’ CHADIS results and have the patient take specific assessments related to concern (i.e., CPT-3).