What We Do

The Center for Neuropathology is equipped to provide diagnostic services, including the interpretation of autopsy brain, eye, muscle, and nerve specimens, either as the primary interpretation or as a second opinion. We also provide second opinion for diagnostic interpretation of brain biopsies, muscle biopsies, and nerve specimens. We have ongoing research projects that address multiple questions in neuroscience, and maintain a brain tissue repository of numerous disease states, as well as controls. Additionally, the Center works in concert with the Research Histology Laboratory.

For more information, or to arrange for a neuropathological interpretation of a brain or tissue specimen, contact Rudolph J. Castellani, MD, at 269.337.6165 or rudolph.castellani@med.wmich.edu.

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Rudolph J. Castellani, MD, Director, Center for Neuropathology and Research Histology Laboratory Rudolph J. Castellani, MD 
Director, Center for Neuropathology and Research Histology Laboratory



" "Amanda Fisher-Hubbard, MD
Assistant Professor for Anatomic Pathology
Co-Director, Center for Neuropathology 



" "Joyce deJong, DO
Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology 



" "Abigail Grande
Investigator and Autopsy Assistant



" "Colin Knue
Neuropathology Research Assistant



" "Kristi Bailey
Lead Histotechnologist 



" "Jo Catania
Chief Investigator