Uniqueness and Diversity

At WMed, we recognize that we achieve excellence by valuing inclusiveness and diversity. Understanding who we are is important to us as we implement plans to increase the diversity of our students, residents, fellows, faculty, and staff. A comprehensive set of characteristics guides the medical school to identify uniqueness and promote diversity. Among the individual characteristics that bring value to the learning and working environment, there are three – gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background – that we measure and report because they address potential healthcare inequities. WMed’s Medical Student Recruitment Plan guides the process to recruit medical students, with specific actions to continue to enhance the diversity of our medical student body. The success of these efforts is evident in our four medical student class profiles. Additionally, the medical school’s pipeline programs, such as Early Introduction to Health Careers I and II, are designed to champion the biomedical science and healthcare career aspirations of underrepresented and disadvantaged youth in Southwest Michigan. We also have formalized and strengthened the recruitment process for faculty and senior administrative staff to achieve mission-appropriate diversity outcomes.

Gender Diversity


Ethnic Diversity


Socioeconomic Diversity