Managing Your Finances

Prospective and current students can view their tuition/fee account charges, pay balances, view financial aid and accept/decline financial aid offers by logging into their account from the Student Portal. Instructions and links are provided via email notifications from our office. Direct Deposit and Payment Plan forms are posted on the Student Portal (login required) and made available to prospective students during their pre-matriculation period. 

After students submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and complete any outstanding requirements, a financial aid offer is emailed from our office. Students are not required to actively accept institutional scholarships but must actively accept or decline offers of federal student loans. 

Student Account Information (Login Required)

  • Select "Billing Detail Summary" from the "Financials" tab to check your balance or make a payment. 
  • Click on the "Financials" tab to view financial aid offers, accept or decline aid, or view missing documents.

Adjustments to Tuition/Fee Charges

Tuition, books, and other charges are generally billed one week prior to term start dates. Billing statements are adjusted as needed to reflect any additional charges that are incurred during a term.

Account Payments and Refunds  

  • Students who receive sufficient financial aid to cover charges each term are not required to make online payments. Their balance will be paid at the time financial aid is disbursed to their account.
  • If a financial aid disbursement creates a credit on the account, the excess funds will be issued to the student within 14 days of the date the funds are credited.
  • If a financial aid disbursement does not cover the full amount due, the student is expected to pay the remaining balance by posted due dates each term.

Requesting a Payment Plan (for MD students only)

A payment plan is available to MD students who pay their account balances from personal sources in lieu of borrowing federal or private/alternative student loans. The plan divides the charges into two equal payments per term instead of a single payment: the first payment is due by the posted due date for each term, and the second payment is due within four weeks of the first payment.

To request a payment plan, students submit a Payment Plan Agreement form as part of pre-matriculation requirements for new MD students and during pre-registration for continuing MD students.

Setting Up Direct Deposit

Students who have a credit balance on their account after tuition/fee charges are paid receive the excess funds to use for living- and other education-related expenses. Direct Deposit is the quickest and safest way to receive funds from WMed. Students submit a Direct Deposit form as part of pre-matriculation requirements and then as needed if their bank account information changes. Students must be a signatory on the bank account and are responsible for keeping their account information current to avoid delays in receiving funds.

Funds Disbursement  

Refer to the following Financial Aid Disbursement calendars for estimated dates that payments are due, financial aid is disbursed, and refunds of credit balances are issued. The dates listed are the earliest possible dates based on the start dates of each term. Disbursements and refunds continue on a rolling basis as students become eligible. Students can use these dates to plan for their refunds and budget their monthly expenses.

Students who have surplus loan funds can request that all or a portion of a loan disbursement be returned to their lender within 120 days of being disbursed. This will reduce the overall costs of borrowing and also reduce total indebtedness at graduation.