EMS Fellowship

Dr. Joshua Mastenbrook
Joshua Mastenbrook, MD
Fellowship Director

Welcome from the Fellowship Director

In our fully accredited, one-year EMS Fellowship program, our fellows are able to take advantage of extensive opportunities in the pre-hospital setting, including operations, administration, medical oversight and education. In Kalamazoo County, which boasts a patient population of 250,000, fellows work within a system that is a high-performance, single-tier ALS system with countywide BLS first responders. In addition, regionally WMed serves more than 1 million people, generating a diverse range of cases that our fellows treat in leading-edge medical institutions.

Together, our EMS fellows serve as assistant medical directors for the Kalamazoo County Medical Control Authority, which is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the EMS system and housed within WMed’s Department of Emergency Medicine. The integration allows for close interaction between fellows, medical school faculty, residents, students, and the EMS system staff.

The educational experience at WMed is dynamic and comprehensive, and enhanced by a response vehicle that is allocated solely for fellows and allows for scene response and quality improvement activities in the field. Through the hard work and dedication of our EMS personnel and a highly effective EMS system design, cardiac arrest survival rates in Kalamazoo County are among the highest in the nation.

Yellowstone and WMed

Faculty, fellows, and residents from the Department of Emergency Medicine provide 24/7 medical control consultations and direction, assist with on-site continuing education, and participate in a robust quality improvement program for Yellowstone National Park through a collaboration with Dr. Will Selde. Dr. Selde completed his residency training at WMed in 2012 and now serves as the primary Medical Director to Yellowstone, the world’s first national park. As one of only two Emergency Medicine residency programs in the nation to maintain a 24/7/365 resident-staffed EMS response vehicle, WMed is uniquely positioned to provide high-quality EMS medical control services to Yellowstone, despite the distance.

Our Fellows