Nichol E Holodick, PhD

Nichol E Holodick, PhD
Nichol E Holodick, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Investigative Medicine


Contact Information

1000 Oakland Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Department of Investigative Medicine

Dr. Holodick performed her undergraduate work at Northeastern University in Boston, Ma. She obtained her PhD in Immunology from Boston University in 2009, working on signaling and development of B-1 cells. Dr. Holodick expanded her work on B-1 cells during a postdoctoral fellowship at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in Manhasset, NY. During this time, she focused her research on the role of B-1 cells in infection during aging. Recently, Dr. Holodick was appointed to Assistant Professor in the Center for Immunobiology and Department of Biomedical Sciences at Western Michigan University School of Medicine. She currently studies the role of B-1 cells in protection from pneumococcal infection in sickle cell disease and B-1 cell development in young and aged mice.