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Facilities and Administrative Costs

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs, also known as indirect or overhead costs, are those costs that cannot be readily identified with a particular sponsored program. These costs include general administration, accounting, building utilities and maintenance, and any other costs associated with supporting a sponsored program that are not represented by a line item in the budget.

WMed recovers F&A costs associated with sponsored programs by applying a F&A rate to the direct costs charged to a sponsored program. WMed has established and documented F&A rates that must be incorporated into budgets for sponsored programs.

Applicability Location Rate
Grant Funded Research and Instruction On-Campus 51%
Grant Fund Research and Instruction Off-Campus 24%
Other Sponsored Activities On/Off-Campus 24%
Industry Funded Research On/Off-Campus 30%

Rules surrounding the allowability and application of F&A rates vary between sponsors. All sponsored program budgets must take into account F&A costs at the appropriate rate. SPA is available to support the development of sponsored program budgets including determination of the appropriate F&A rate and direct cost base.

Waiver or reduction of F&A costs for sponsored programs requires institutional approval and must be requested through SPA.

Grant Funding Resources

Contact SPA for assistance with finding a funding opportunity that matches your interests. SPA can provide access for individuals to Amplifund, our grant management software which includes a Pre-Award grant seeking module. You may also use the links below to search for other publicly available grant opportunities.