Administrative Actions

Sponsored programs conducted at WMed are performed within the administrative and financial scope initially approved through the acceptance of the award. Significant changes to sponsored programs always require institutional approval and often require funding agency approval.

SPA facilitates institutional and funding agency approval of changes to sponsored programs through administrative actions. Administrative actions requiring this approval include:

  • No Cost Extension (NCE)
  • Approval of carryover funds
  • Significant re-budgeting requests
  • Addition of subawards
  • Absence or change of Principal Investigator (PI)¬†
  • Significant reduction of effort
  • Change in other key personnel
  • Other changes requiring approval as defined by the funding agency

Principal Investigators request administrative actions through submission of the Request for Approval of Administrative Action (Action Request). After reviewing the Action Request against the terms and conditions of the sponsored award, SPA routes it for institutional and sponsor approval, with the support of the Principal Investigator as appropriate.

Principal Investigators are encouraged to discuss the need for and feasibility of administrative actions with SPA well ahead of the intended action date.