Independent Contractors

Individuals who are not employees of WMed are occasionally needed to work on programs or projects. Engagement of these individuals can be achieved in several ways, including independent contractor agreements. For work outside of sponsored programs, these arrangements can be requested by department chairs through Human Resources. For work on sponsored programs, these arrangements must be requested through SPA. 

Independent Contractor or Employee?

Independent contractor is a term specifically defined by the U.S. Department of Labor. WMed recognizes federal definitions and complies with all federal regulations in the classification, engagement, and compensation of independent contractors. For more information on classification and use of independent contractors, please visit the U.S. Department of Labor website.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Planned engagement of individuals who are not employees of WMed is disclosed by Principal Investigators during the Institutional Approval Process. During the pre-award phase, Principal Investigators complete the Subaward Proposal Form to document the classification of any planned sub-recipients or contractors.

Additional unplanned engagement of individuals who are not employees of WMed during the post-award phase of a sponsored award may be requested via Administrative Actions.

Independent contractor agreements requested for the support of any WMed activities must be reviewed and signed by an authorized institutional official. Individual employees, departments, or business unites may not enter agreements on behalf of WMed to engage outside personnel.

All Independent contractors are required to undergo screening through Human Resources prior to performing any work for WMed. The scope of the work to be undertaken by the independent contractor will determine the nature of the screening process. See below for a process map detailing the eligibility and screening process for independent contractors.

IC Process

Sponsored Programs Administration IC Process