Cost of Attendance

The annual cost of attendance, also referred to as the "student budget," represents the allowable costs for one academic year of study. These costs include tuition and fees; books, supplies, and equipment; and a reasonable living allowance for rent, utilities, food, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses. The standard amount used by the medical school for living expenses is based on reasonable preferences and not on an individual's lifestyle and spending habits.

2022-23 Cost of Attendance Estimates

Appeal for an Individual Budget Increase

Students with additional education-related expenses may submit the form, Appeal for an Individual Budget Increase, as an appeal to the Office of Financial Aid for a budget increase. Examples of possible allowable additional budget expenses include: daycare during periods the student is enrolled and the partner is employed or enrolled; emergency medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance; and disability-related expenses such as special equipment or services. The Office of Financial Aid reviews requests and makes decisions for individual budget increases on a case-by-case basis. Submission of a request does not assure approval. The decision of the Office of Financial Aid is final.