Post-Award Phase

Congratulations! Your grant proposal has been funded! Once a proposal is funded it moves into the Post-Award phase. Funded projects are called a sponsored award. The post-award phase of a sponsored program encompasses the receipt of the sponsored award through completion of the project.

Sponsored awards may take the form of a grant, subaward, contract, memorandum of understanding, letter, or other less formal notifications.  When funding is awarded, the sponsored award is an agreement between the sponsor and WMed, not between the sponsor and individual WMed employees or departments. All sponsored awards must be routed through SPA to obtain any required institutional authorized signatures and to create the unique sponsored award subaccount. SPA will refer back to the Sponsored Program Preliminary Approval Form (SPAF) to create the sponsored award subaccount and budget in order to access funds.

If you receive notice of an award and have not worked with Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) prior to award to create a SPAF, you must immediately contact SPA in order to ensure an Authorized Official reviews and accepts the award on behalf of WMed.