We Stand Together in Support of the Asian-American Community

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To the WMed community and everyone within our voice:

The March 16 shooting deaths of eight people in Atlanta, including six women of Asian descent, are dreadful tragedies and another horrific act of violence in our country. These murders bring attention to the inexcusable increase in harassment and violence towards Asian-Americans.

We at WMed stand together in solidarity with the Asian-American community.

We mourn the deaths and extend our sincere sympathy to the Asian-American community in Atlanta and especially to the loved ones who lost a family member.

We condemn hatred and violence against the Asian-American population in this country. Such emotions and actions are incompatible with our guiding principles at WMed. Through our values in action, we seek to understand how to make our medical school a safe place for the Asian‑American community and to treat one another with respect. We serve with empathy and compassion to our colleagues of Asian-American descent at WMed and beyond.

This message is to inform the Asian-American community that we do not accept any form of hatred. We strive for acts of integrity, compassion, and collaboration. We voice our support at a time when there have been an increasing number of incidents of bigotry and discrimination against Asian, Pacific Islander, and Asian-American individuals. Bias and xenophobia adversely affect our learners and the healthcare team, and also the well‑being of our Asian‑American patients and their families.

I ask that we each take a moment of silence to reflect on this awful occurrence in Atlanta, and recommit ourselves to providing all persons with a safe and welcoming medical school environment and community.


Thank you. Together, we advocate.

Hal B. Jenson, MD, MBA
Founding Dean