Student Services

The Office of Student Affairs provides support and connects students to the services they need to ensure a positive learning experience. The Student Affairs team is available with information and expertise related to academic advising, admissions, career advising and development, educational events and programs, financial aid, learning support and tutoring, personal counseling, student life, student records and transcripts. Students are encouraged to stop by the Office, call 269.337.6111, or email to make an appointment.

  • Academic Advising

    Academic advising is available from the academic advising team, which is composed of two full time academic advisors and four clinical academic advisors with part-time appointments, as well as course and clerkship directors, faculty mentors, the assistant dean for Clinical Applications, and the associate dean for Student Affairs. Students who are experiencing academic difficulty or have factors outside the classroom that may affect academic performance are encouraged to seek assistance from their academic advisors, or any of the individuals above, all of whom are knowledgeable about available resources to support students who need academic assistance.

  • Admissions

    The Admissions team, including our student ambassadors, assist prospective students throughout the process of applying to the many programs we offer. Learn about our programs. For questions about the application process email or call 269.337.6100

  • Career Advising and Development

    We support students in their career advising and development needs whether it is selecting electives or preparing for the residency match. Our career advising system includes individual advising sessions, a series of webinars with Q&A for Residency Applications and Match, and resources available on the student portal at Career Advising (login and password required).

  • Financial Aid

    The Office of Financial Aid assists students with applying for financial aid and the financial aid process, exploring sources of funding, budgeting and money management techniques, debt and loan management, personal finance concerns, scholarships, and financial wellbeing. Learn more about financial aid.

  • Learning Support and Tutoring

    Our learning skills specialist offers assistance with learning strategies, time management, learning styles, and tutoring. The specialist meets with students to identify their personal learning style and to develop an individualized study plan. 

  • Personal Counseling

    The medical school provides a variety of options for personal counseling services that are both accessible and confidential. Free, confidential personal counseling services are available to all students by calling 269.337.6540 to schedule an appointment with a counselor. The counselors are contracted by the medical school and include Dr. Mary Wassink and Dr. Roberto Flachier. Both are independent and very familiar with the stress of medical students and residents. These services are completely confidential. There are other personal counseling resources available through the Employeeconnect and private practice counselors. The Student Well-Being page on the Student Portal (Login Required) has more details.

  • Student Life

    We offer extracurricular opportunities for students to engage with their individual interests including student interest groups and organizations, medical school committee membership, a student council, and more. Learn more about Student Life.

  • Student Records and Transcripts

    The registrar maintains permanent student records for enrolled and graduated students and provides transcripts upon request.

  • Students with Disabilities

    WMed welcomes candidates with disabilities who may need accommodations. Consistent with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended 2010, and Michigan law, the school of medicine does not discriminate on the basis of disability. Applicants and students seeking accommodation should utilize the technical standards in guiding a request for accommodations and shall follow the process indicated in policy UME 710. Those with questions about the technical standards, reasonable accommodations, or the accommodations process may email the Director of Student Life and Well-Being at for a confidential consultation. Timely disclosure and requests for accommodations by students are essential and encouraged as accommodations are not applied retroactively. Prior to matriculation, a candidate must attest that they have read the school’s technical standards and to the best of their knowledge can meet them with or without reasonable accommodation.

  • US Constitution Day, Sexual Assault Awareness, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Voter Registration

    We host student educational events and programs including: US Constitution Day, sexual assault awareness, as well as alcohol and drug abuse prevention. On US Constitution Day, students are invited to a tea to discuss the US Constitution and learn interesting facts. In April, we observe Denim Day to promote sexual violence awareness and prevention. Throughout the year, students attend educational events regarding alcohol and drug abuse prevention. We make State of Michigan voter registration forms available to enrolled students to encourage participation in state elections.