What to Support

Much of the good that WMed is accomplishing is made possible by private support, by people and organizations underwriting leading-edge research, funding scholarships for promising medical students and supporting world-class faculty members. With your help, WMed will meet its vision to be distinguished as a leader among medical schools through community collaboration in medical education, patient care, research, and service.

Giving Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

  • Student Scholarships
    One-Year, Four-Year, Medical Promise

  • Faculty
    Awards, Fellowships, Professorships, Chair, Deanship

  • Program
    Annual Lecture, Symposia, Visiting Professor, Lectureship
  • Research
  • Entire Floor
    Lower level, First, Second, Third, Fifth, Seventh floor
  • Lecture Halls
    First-floor, Second-floor
  • Facilities
    Atrium, Bioskills Lab, Conference Rooms, Entrance Lobby, Exterior Space, Learning Labs, Learning Rooms, Team-Based Learning Halls, Library, Research Labs, Simulation Center, Student Commons, etc.